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Minnesota's Leading Authority for
Business and Social Etiquette Training

Kim Purscell


The world of business can be a ruthless one where people are sized up and dismissed in mere seconds. Whatever industry you are in, going the extra mile is essential in order to acquire and retain customers in today’s competitive arena.

The power of etiquette will help your business to focus its attention on delivering a service that is second to none and sets you apart from the rest. Internally, it will empower your teams to always put their best foot forward and work together to improve, grow and succeed.


Etiquette Matters strives to offer a variety of etiquette training classes, providing sessions to benefit professionals, students, youth & teens, and event attendees, to name a few.


"Kim’s class was excellent from start to finish. As someone who hadn’t taken a networking course, I learned a great deal from this class. The tips and tricks she shared on how to successfully navigate networking events are ones I hope to implement the next time I am networking. After taking her class, I feel much more prepared to network. I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to become a more successful networker."


- J. Donnelly


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