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At Etiquette Matters, people learn that they gain respect by the way they treat others, and that sets them up for successful interactions in all kinds of settings. We help people to:

Comfortably handle social situations and interactions with people.

Develop attitudes that are conducive to learning and collaboration

Promote qualities that develop character and leadership abilities.

Etiquette Matters exists to equip people of all ages with social skills needed to succeed both personally and professionally, and be able to handle themselves with confidence, poise, self-respect and gain competitive advantage.

Kim has hundreds of satisfied clients. They include private businesses, government agencies, universities, golf and country clubs, private and public schools and individuals

Training offered:

Corporate and International Training

College & University

Etiquette Training for Special Occasions


“I’m glad she (Mia) was able to learn some new skills and tools to use as she interacts with new people. Thank you! Mia said the meal was delicious!”
-Parent of Art of Etiquette for Children attendee

“It is very exciting to hear the ladies speak so highly of your presentation. I was thrilled to hear even team members, who did not attend, speak of certain topics they overheard the others discussing. Thank you for coming to our frozen city (Rochester)”.
- Corporate Client

“It was a great class. All the students were practicing and talking about it today. They really understood the importance of good manners when you were done.” 
Corporate Client

Why Does Etiquette Matter?

When people don’t have the social skills they need for successful interpersonal relationships they tend to experience more drama, conflict and stress in their lives.

More struggles with relationships.

Unprepared to contribute to society.

Lack respect for self and others.

Passed by for jobs and promotions.

Upcoming Classes

Etiquette Matters offers a variety of classes throughout the year.  Groups and organizations can also contact us to plan specialized classes and training.

Learn about Upcoming Classes

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