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About Kim purscell

Hello, my name is Kim Purscell.  When I was young, social skills (aka soft skills) did not come naturally to me.  I was shy, quirky, and kind of a wallflower. I often tried to act like someone else, but quickly learned that I am not a convincing actor.  People could see through the act, and I was viewed as awkward, inauthentic, and trying too hard - which ultimately resulted in many embarrassing, painful moments and regrets.


That pain became my motivation to change.  Determined to succeed, I began a 30-year journey into studying etiquette, human behavior, and executive presence, and I learned how to develop my own authentic brand. I applied those learning in my own career, and doors began to open for me.  I went from an entry-level back-office position to Sales and Marketing management for two airlines, one in Canada, and one in the US. I also became the Executive Director for several non-profit organizations, including a chapter of the American Red Cross, United Way, and the Chamber of Commerce.

I studied and practiced international etiquette and protocol abroad through my travels which include Hawaii, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Bermuda, Mexico, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, England, Nigeria, and throughout my home country of Canada.  I was the first woman elected to the Board of Directors of the London International Airshow and received the Woman of Distinction Award in 2009 by the Business and Professional Women’s Association.


Fast forward to today -- I have earned the highest certifications in the etiquette industry. I was trained and licensed by The Protocol School of Washington®, the leader in international protocol, cross-cultural awareness, business etiquette and image training... the first and only accredited business etiquette, protocol and communication skills school in the nation recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. I am also certified in children/teen etiquette from The American School of Protocol and Certified in Intercultural Intelligence with Aperian Global.  Plus, I’ve had additional training with the Science of People, Protocol London, The British School of Etiquette, The United Nations Institute of Training and Research (UNITAR), and The Etiquette School of South Africa. 


In 2016, I founded my practice, Etiquette Matters LLC in Minnesota, after many people encouraged me to share this unique and highly sought-after knowledge.  So now I work with professionals wanting to “up their game”.  I also teach high school and college students, rebels, risk-takers, and underdogs with the essential people skills that can propel their career, build meaningful relationships, close deals, and improve their self-confidence. 

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