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PRESS RELEASE: Kahler Grand Hotel Etiquette Matters Upcoming Classes

press release Sep 12, 2018


OWATONNA, MN, August 24, 2018 - Beginning in late September 2018, Etiquette expert Kim Purscell is bringing her “Art of Etiquette” workshops for children, youth and teens to the Kahler Grand Hotel in Rochester. Purscell will be providing targeted programs with age appropriate material. Programs for children in grades K-5 focus on today’s etiquette, feeling comfortable with peers and adults, dining and communication skills, as well as confidence building, self-esteem activities. Programs for youth in grades 6 to 9 focus on communication, self-presentation, attitude, appearance, sportsmanship, dining and more. Programs for teens in grades 10 to 12 focus on meeting new people, starting and maintaining conversations, interviewing, dining, dating, making good decisions that can govern their future, and much more.

Ms. Purscell, an alumnus of the American School of Protocol and the Protocol School of Washington, has been teaching at private and public...

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Kindness Pays: Boost Productivity through Praise

etiquette & protocol Jul 20, 2018

If you were given a choice between a 10 percent raise or a kinder boss, which would you choose? According to an NBC News State of Kindness poll, 70 percent of survey participants would forego the cash for a kinder boss.

Kindness expressed through praise and recognition binds teams together, elevates trust, diminishes stress, improves overall health, and increases productivity. Being praised triggers the release of dopamine that not only makes us feel good, but can also contribute to innovative thinking and creative problem-solving at work.

Kindness pays. A Gallup survey of more than 10,000 business units and 30 industries found that individuals who receive regular recognition and praise:

  • increased their individual productivity
  • increased engagement among their colleagues
  • are more likely to stay with their organization
  • receive higher loyalty and satisfaction scores from customers
  • have better safety records and fewer accidents on the job

Alternatively, employees not adequately...

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Door Etiquette

We have all stood awkwardly waiting for an elevator door to open and found ourselves negotiating who enters and exits first. Likewise, we have all approached a revolving door with a moment of hesitation as we wondered who enters first to push the door. Today, gentlemen often ask us if and when it is appropriate to adhere to the old adage: “ladies first.”

Mastering “who goes first” is more complicated than it used to be. Many believe that etiquette scenarios like this door dilemma are simply common sense. Are they? Social skills—like any other skill—must be taught, and people learn their social skills from a variety of sources over time. Some families pass on etiquette rules—that may or may not be correct—from generation to generation. Others learn by observation, trial and error, or attendance at finishing schools.

Why does this matter? Etiquette changes as society changes, and what you learned from your family or by experience may be...

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Business Card Etiquette

corporate etiquette Jul 06, 2018

Your business card is one tool that helps in the networking process.  Used appropriately, it continues to speak for you after you've met someone and encourages follow-up and further conversation.  

Put to work as a method to connect with others, your card represents the company you work for and/or the type of work you do.  The most helpful information to have on your card is:

  • Your name
  • Company Name
  • Your position or type of work you do
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Website
  • Mailing address

Your card is an extension of you.  It not only goes where you go, but lingers when you give it away so someone may find you again.  When it is eye-catching, it represents an accurate picture of you and your company, and contains the necessary information to stay in touch with you. The only thing left that guarantees it will be put to good use is the method in which it was received.

Your business card and how you handle it is a very personal part of communication.

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Appropriate Business Gifts

corporate etiquette Jun 29, 2018

Use caution when choosing a gift for a coworker.

Gift giving at the office can be an awkward situation because there are so many things that can go wrong. You don't want to give something too personal, even if you're good friends with your coworker.

No matter how friendly you are with your coworkers, you need to choose your gift with care, especially if they'll be opening it in front of others. Whether you are giving someone a holiday gift, birthday present, or something for another special occasion, take some time and consider how your gift will be perceived by all who witness the unwrapping.

Although you should never feel obligated to purchase a gift for someone at the office, it is sometimes simply the nice thing to do. It may be to celebrate a birthday, promotion, retirement, holiday, or other special event. The main thing you need to consider is how appropriate it is in a business environment.

When giving a present in a professional environment, never expect the person to...

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5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Posting on Social Media

There are two truths about posting on social media: everything is public and everything is permanent. EVERYTHING.

Perhaps there was a day when you could attempt to keep your professional and social life separate, but social media changed that forever. Your online personality is being viewed—and judged—by your employers and colleagues, landlords, hiring managers, loan officials, college recruiters, people you are (or wish you were) dating, friends, and relatives. While your close friends may enjoy watching video of you downing rounds of margaritas poolside this summer, a potential employer or client may think twice about doing business with you.

A 2011 survey by social media monitoring service Reppler found that more than 90% of recruiters and hiring managers review a potential candidate’s social media presence, and 69% rejected a candidate based on content found on social media sites. In particular, the recruiters rejected candidates based on social media posts...

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Time for Etiquette "Spring Cleaning"

etiquette & protocol Jun 15, 2018

It’s that time of year, when we mentally and physically begin to make the shift from winter to spring. There is anticipation of new life and new birth with the appearance of green grass, budding flowers, birds chirping, and longer days of sunlight to enjoy outdoor activities.

So, we begin the ritual of “spring cleaning” to spruce up our homes, inside and out. We deep clean, declutter, pull weeds, plant flowers and make our homes over for another season. Many of the tasks require the cost of our effort, time, perseverance, and finances. But, the end result is worth the personal sacrifices!

Just as our homes need spring cleaning, our relationships often need recalibration. Spring is the perfect time of the year to reassess how we demonstrate etiquette by showing respect, consideration and honesty.  Sensitivity to the feelings of others and awareness of how our actions affect those around us are foundational to experiencing healthy relationships.

Consider the...

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Congratulations Class of 2018!

Congratulations Class of 2018!

Your hard-earned college degree will get you in the door, but it is your soft skills that will help you land a job. Soft skills are the new hard skills—the distinguishing qualities that will help you outclass the competition. They are the missing link between your education and success in the business world.

Following are Etiquette Matters’ top 10 business etiquette tips for new college graduates:

  1. Know the proper protocol for making introductions and introducing yourself. Always have a prepared self-introduction for every interview and networking event that you attend—one that will stimulate interest in you and make you memorable.
  2. Shake hands with a firm grip, direct eye contact, smile (like you mean it) and stand up tall with good posture. These are considered your presence power points and they ‘speak’ volumes about your confidence and credibility as a person who is going places.
  3. Suit-up for success: wear appropriate...
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3 Ways to Audit Your Most Valuable Business Asset in 2018

Companies spend millions of dollars to create and promote compelling brands that effectively communicate who they are and what they offer. Every company has a brand—and so do you. Whether you know it or not, everything you wear, say, and do—both online and offline—defines your brand. So, what exactly are you promoting? Are you branded for success or failure? By Kim Purscell, Certified Etiquette Consultant, and President of Etiquette Matters

Your personal brand is your most valuable business asset; it is how people remember you. Your brand is created through your appearance, your behavior, and your communication—it is the way others see you, and is what differentiates you from others. Your brand should communicate a clear message, confirm credibility, and create trust.

Instead of resolving to spend more days at the gym or shed those stubborn last ten pounds (which don’t get me wrong are very good to do), perhaps your energy would be better served by...

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