Business Protocol for Professionals


The fundamental purpose of rank and precedence is to determine who or what goes first. Most people associate the terms with seating charts, receiving lines, state dinners, and ceremonies on the White House lawn. All those events, and many other daily activities, including who attends a particular business meeting, the location of your office, and who has a better parking spot, are dependent on the concepts of rank and precedence. They are at work in all human engagement, even when we’re not thinking about them. In the business world, as in government and diplomacy, you and your events succeed when you apply rank and precedence properly.

Topics include:

  • What is Precedence and How its Determined
  • Corporate, Government, Military, Academia Precedence
  • Seating According to Precedence in Boardrooms, Negotiations, and other formal situations
  • Seating Fundamentals
  • Forms of Address
  • Interacting with Officials
  • Displaying Flags
  • Selecting Official Gifts
  • Representing Your Organization at Official Events



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