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In today’s competitive business world, knowing the rules of professional business etiquette is essential. Your employees are the face of your organization and as such can help your company outclass the competition or keep it from thriving. ETIQUETTE MATTERS endeavors to be a partner for your university, business or organization, your management team, mission, and corporate culture by equipping your executive talent with the all-important business protocol knowledge and soft skills required for success in today’s global arena.

  • Executive Finishing School

    • The Executive Finishing School is designed as an elite, transformational program for presenting yourself at your personal and professional best.  Charisma, chemistry, and confidence are the characteristics shared by winners in all walk of life.  Coming Soon.

  • Business Entertaining and Executive Dining

    • ​​Business Entertaining and Executive Dining is an interactive tutorial six-course meal that provides the nuances necessary for a world-class competitor. Learn More

  • The Power of a Professional Image

    • ​Crafting a strong and positive image will amplify your professional presence…and power. Learn More

  • Outclass the Competition 

    • In today’s fiercely competitive market, you put yourself at a disadvantage if you overlook the important fine points of social skills and etiquette.  Learn More

  • Business Protocol for Professionals

    • ​In the business world, as in government and diplomacy, you and your events succeed when you apply rank and precedence properly.  Learn More

  • Networking, Charismatic Conversation and Social Mingling

    • ​With our tips and tricks, in no time, you will be ready to “work a room” and represent your company with confidence. Learn More

  • Job Interviewing

    • This session offers effective strategies to build confidence and interpersonal skills, expand awareness of powerful body language and personal branding.  Everything you need to make a powerful impression in the job market. Coming Soon


  • Selling with Finesse and Flair

    • We are in the Experience Economy.  Today's customers are expecting a memorable experience. The more  you and your sales staff build a relationship from greeting to end helps with this memorable experience. Coming Soon

  • How to Succeed in the International Arena 

    • ​Knowledge of international protocol and cultural etiquette is key for building trust and effective relationships in global markets.   Learn More

  • Customized Cultural Briefings 

    • Our Cultural Briefings will help you understand the culture, customs, traditions, and beliefs of people in most countries of the world.  Learn More

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