Dine Like A Diplomat

Savvy Dining Skills


The world is experiencing a rapidly expanding global economy where the negotiating process does not end when you leave the office; it has only just begun. In this global atmosphere, polished dining skills are very important. Dine Like a Diplomat is an interactive tutorial five-course meal that provides the nuances so necessary for a world-class competitor.

Topics include:

  • World-class Business Entertaining
  • Extending & Replying to Invitations
  • Receiving Lines
  • Host/hostess & Guest Obligations
  • Seating Protocol
  • Place Setting Maps
  • Napkin Awareness
  • Rules of Dining
  • Coughs, Sneezes & Other Awkward Moments
  • Toasting – When, How & to Whom
  • How to Accept a Toast
  • Handling Accidents
  • Dining Conversation
  • American and Continental Dining Styles
  • Silent Service Codes
  • Protocol for ordering, paying and tipping
  • Body Language at the Table
  • World-class Do’s and Don’ts

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