The social etiquette and business protocol workshops in this program may be scheduled on a private, one-on-one basis, you may register for one of our open-enrollment group classes, or you may schedule a private session of the program for yourself, your family, or your organization.

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Corporate Etiquette

Let Etiquette Matters provide your executives with the corporate etiquette and international protocol training that will enable them to outclass the competition for your corporation the world over!

Raising Hands

Youth Etiquette

Youth who practice kindness and respect have stronger self-esteem, enjoy meaningful friendships, and are viewed as leaders. Although youth rarely beg for the opportunity to attend a “manners class”, the participants of this engaging, hands-on course have fun (really!) and leave wanting more


University Etiquette

According to research conducted by Harvard University, the Carnegie Institute, and the Stanford Institute, getting a job, keeping a job, and moving up in an organization depends 85 percent on soft, or “people” skills.

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Special Occasion

Whether you will be attending a wedding, plan on hosting an event or are going to a Bar Mitzvah, all events have a different protocols on how to behave. These classes are for learning the proper ins and outs of an occasion that may be uncomfortable. 


Social Etiquette

Would you like to develop the confidence and polished social graces that will help you achieve your personal and professional goals? Then, our one-day Social Success Makeover–Finishing School for Adults is for you.

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