How to Succeed in the International Arena

How to Succeed in the International Arena


Knowledge of international protocol and cultural etiquette is key for building trust and effective relationships in global markets. This business etiquette seminar gives you tips and strategies to broaden your global awareness.

Topics Include:

  • Project Cultural Awareness with Global Intelligence
  • What is Ethnocentrism?
  • The 5 Key Dimensions of Culture & "Style Switching" Strategies
  • Bridging Cultural Gaps
  • Refine Your Cross-Cultural Communications
  • Master the Meeting and the Art of Persuasion
  • Principles of Professionalism: World-Class Eye Contact, Business Card Protocol, & Handshakes
  • International Greetings & Introductions
  • Hand Gestures, Body Language, and other Non-Verbal Communications
  • Written and Verbal Communications
  • "Netiquette": Electronic Communications & Online Presence
  • And much more


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