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Job Interview Etiquette

Today’s graduates must offer more than a degree and must be well prepared for a challenging business environment. Relationships often begin in the job interview, where a candidate has only a few seconds to make an excellent first impression.

Pre-Interview Preparations:

  • How to Research the Company, Culture, Image Rules

  • Taking Inventory of Self

  • Power of Social Media in the Job Search (Pros and Cons)

  • Personal Appearance for the Interview; Clothing, Makeup, Grooming, Posture

  • Creating Your Best First Impression

  • Communicating Correctly; in person, on the phone, in emails and text messages or on social media

During the Interview:

  • Proper Business Introductions and Responses to Business Introductions

  • Remembering Names

  • Proper Handshake and Eye Contact

  • Conversing and Mingling

  • Interview Questions; Theirs and Mine

  • Appropriate Body Language

  • Powerful Closing Remarks

 Post Interview:

  • Written Thank You Notes and other follow ups

  • When is it OK to Email a Thank You?

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