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University Etiquette Services

Are you prepared to enter the professional business world when you graduate?

The missing link between your education and success in the professional business world may be how you present yourself. Soft skills are the new hard skills! Employers are seeking people with not only the technical skills and knowledge to perform a job, but they are equally, if not more so, interested in hiring people who are team players and rapport-builders, with the social graces and interpersonal skills necessary to succeed in today’s global marketplace.  Attending these workshops, and adding it to your resume, will give you an advantage over the competition when you begin the interview process.

  • It's Not Just Dinner, It’s Business

    • It’s never just dinner…it’s business. Second job interviews are routinely conducted over a meal in order to observe the interviewee’s comfort level in social situations. A relationship can be built, or a job lost, over a simple spaghetti dinner. Are you prepared?  Learn More

  • Interview Training for New Graduates 

    • Relationships often begin in the job interview, where a candidate has only a few seconds to make an excellent first impression. Learn More

  • Networking, Conversation and Social Mingling

    • The “meeting” people part of networking can be intimidating – because it takes people out of their comfort zone!     Learn More

  • The Power of a Professional Image

    • Your appearance + your body language = your personal brand and personal image Learn More

  • Athletes with Class

    • Designed to increase your visibility and perceived value as a sports celebrity.  This course will position you as a "class act" with a "presence of greatness".  Coming Soon

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