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      We have all found ourselves in a situation we never would have imagined… the Coronavirus Pandemic. A time when our life is adjusting to a new normal. Our families are hunkering down together, staying home and healthy.

      You may be looking at this a time of loss - loss of socialization, loss of time - but why not look at it as a time of opportunity? Take this time of working from home and social distancing as a chance to focus on YOU. Hone in on your professional skills, gain a new toolkit of social skills, and emerge from this time as your best self with impeccable soft skills in the world of etiquette.

      From fine-tuning your soft skills to taking your career in a different direction, or working for an advancement from your current position, Etiquette Matters is here to help with our virtual edYOUcation sessions, focused on helping you grow.

      According to a study done by Harvard, Stanford and the Carnegie Foundation, 85% of your job success is your ability to put others at ease. Strong and positive social skills are the foundation of every successful individual; now is the time to act.

      Take hold of your current situation and make the best of it! Reserve your spot now for one of Etiquette Matters 1:1 Virtual Etiquette Training Sessions. Read below for session offerings and to book your spot.

​      It is estimated that at least 50% of business is conducted over food — coffee, lunch meetings, dinners, parties. Knowing dining etiquette will not only give you greater confidence in these situations, it will be noticed by your business and dining colleagues.  


Topics Include:


  • Host and Guest Duties

    • Being a perfect host

    • Being a perfect guest

  • Table Etiquette

    • Seating Protocol

    • Table Setting

    • Taking Your Seat

    • 5 Uses of the Napkin and Napkin signals

    • Coughs, Sneezes & Other Awkward Moments

  • Silverware & Stemware Etiquette

    • Rules of Dining

    • Handling Accidents

    • Silent Service Codes

  • Dining Conversation

  • Styles of Eating

    • American/Zigzag

    • European/Continental

  • Business Etiquette and Protocol

    • Precedence

    • Extending & Replying to Invitations

    • Excusing Yourself from the Table

    • Protocol for ordering, paying, and tipping

  • Body Language at the Table

1- Hour Live via Zoom Private Tutorial   |   $99

      The mere thought of making conversation with a stranger is enough to make most people break out in a sweat. The “meeting” people part of networking can be intimidating – because it takes people out of their comfort zone!  With our tips and tricks, you will be ready to “work a room” in no time, represent your company with confidence, and able to build loyal and lasting relationships to ultimately grow your contacts and contracts.



Topics Include:


  • Deciding to Go or Not to Go

  • Preparation and establishing objectives

  • Making a Memorable Entrance

  • A Powerful First Impression

  • How to Work a Room

  • Cocktail Party Etiquette

  • Areas of the Room to Avoid

  • How to Initiate a Conversation

  • Breaking into an Existing Conversation

  • Excusing Oneself from a Conversation

  • Business Card Etiquette according to Protocol

  • Navigating the Buffet Table

  • How to Network While Carrying A Plate of Food and Beverage

  • How to Exude Confidence

  • Remembering Names

  • Following up; with whom, how and when

1 - Hour Live via Zoom Private Tutorial   |   $99


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